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Sunday, fun day! EATS Gunbarrel gearing up for second season

Gunbarrel has become a happening place. Breweries, restaurants, coffee bars and vibrant housing communities have turned this once sleepy bedroom community into a real, live neighborhood.

And now EATS @ Gunbarrel is getting ready to roll out its second season on Sunday, May 12.

EATS is a local event that features a collection of gourmet food trucks and local musicians and bands that gather every Sunday afternoon from 3:30 - 7:30 pm until Sunday, Sept. 8. The site for EATS @ Gunbarrel is located between Gunbarrel’s Aperitivo Restaurant at 5530 Spine Road and the Apex apartment complex.

This weekly al fresco event is hosted by collaborators Apex 5510 and Aperitivo, which has a full liquor license and ample patio seating. The rotating roster of food trucks, including The French Twist, Ginger Pig, Seb’s Pizza, Verde, Heirloom, Colorado Fried Chicken and more, parks near Aperitivo’s south-facing patio so patrons can enjoy varied nibbles while listening to live local bands and eclectic musicians.


Edward Vanegas, Aperitivo’s owner and the original founder of Longmont’s Prospect EATS (now the suspended Sound Bites) in 2011, utilizes his extensive connections to book Boulder’s best music and unique food trucks.

“It always bothered me that there was no community center, no parks, no library in Gunbarrel,” said Vanegas. “I always thought that there might be a way to create something--without building a community center or concert hall--that I could bring people to. I went to the city and asked for permission for EATS Gunbarrel, and we got it from Apex, which is our co-host. That was how we began.”

“When we started last year, it was every other Sunday, which was hard for people to remember. So this year, I went back to the city with a request for every Sunday. They were happy with how we ran it last year, and they approved,” said Vanegas.

“I want neighbors to meet neighbors. Do you know the people next door? I thought if we could bring people out with diverse music and food, that we could bring people together. Single-handedly, I want to create something in Gunbarrel that will bring people out here or bring them together. I want to help neighbors meet neighbors,” said Vanegas.

For more information, call Vanegas at Aperitivo at 303-719-1431.



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