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By Catherine McHale
Special to the Courier 

Niwot Sculpture Park - “Feather” by Joshua Pass


Courtesy Photo

"Feather" by artist Joshua Pass

The Niwot Community Corner park was created in 2018 at the corner of Niwot Road and 79th Street. In the fall of 2018, Community Corner was enhanced with a sculpture garden with artwork chosen from various artists for display for up to a year. This is the first in a monthly series about the artwork and artists chosen for Community Corner at Sculpture Park.

We begin with the Sculpture Park Committee’s winning sculpture “Feather” by artist Joshua Pass. This sculpture was awarded the committee’s stipend of $750. Joshua Pass has followed family tradition of being a maker, though he’s the first to venture into the world of fine art.

Starting out as a machinist, he learned how to transform metal through the use of various tools. He earned his bachelor of fine arts degree at MSCD while also seeking out a variety of workshop experiences in different media and methods. Work followed at designer jewelry company, Todd Reed Inc.

Courtesy Photo

Niwot Sculpture Park - “Feather” by Joshua Pass

Pass believes his history and experiences are what feed his art. A Colorado native born in 1979, it’s important to him to communicate where he’s from through his art - inspired by the vast open spaces and dramatic plane changes. He reflects that his art is a reaction to life, nature, and interpersonal communication. Pass draws inspiration from the western landscape, traditional art forms of Oceanic, Asian and Northwest Coast Native American cultures, as well as modern architectural achievements.

Each sculpture starts with a strong simple form and is created out of metal, stone, and wood elements. The dynamics and form narrate the story behind each piece - describing something he sees within himself or in the world around him.

Each piece reflects a message of seeking balance within ourselves, one another, and the environment. Joshua Pass’ sculpture, “Feather,” can be seen at the Niwot Community Corner at Sculpture Park. It is currently for sale for $8,000. For more information about the art, visit http://www.niwot.com/sculpture and www.joshuasteelstonewood.com


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