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By J.S. Dreymenn

New business idea baked up for downtown Niwot


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Conceptual drawings of the new Niwot’s Delight building.

What the what? That’s been the most uttered question in town these days. But it’s true - struggles to open new thriving establishments in Niwot have led to a newsworthy business about to break ground at 420 2nd Avenue in downtown Niwot. Current plans call for an enterprise named Niwot’s Delight, a recreational marijuana business combined with an artisanal bakery.

Ground-breaking is scheduled to begin April 31, allowing the new industrial design building to be completed by mid-June. Thanks to new Boulder County land use specifications, industrial architecture is now considered historical when upcycled metals are used. The majority of the first floor of the new structure will be the cannabis and bakery sales room, but one large room in the back will be where the special hometown cannabis strain, Left of Center, will be grown.

Owner Bud Cruller said the “Delight” concept feels really solid and expeditious in regards to getting permits through Boulder County’s land use provisions, and the business consultants he’s hired are “predicting a very optimistic upward sales’ trajectory.”

Conjoining multiple experiential businesses appears to be an emergent trend according to industry researchers. Business strategist group, What We Want in our Backyards (or 3WOB), found that two out of three shoppers prefer to streamline their errands and the ways in which we nurture ourselves are no exception to that preference.

Some prime examples cited by 3WOB were mani-pedis in the same spaces as teeth whitening procedures making the time one spends on those services extra efficient. Dog grooming-hair salon combined businesses now make it easier to get that, “look, we’re twins look.” Both of those merged businesses are frequently also onsite with recreational marijuana businesses. In fact, anything seems to work well when combined with a weed business.

Taking those findings to heart Bud Cruller (whose name really should have been a self-fulfilling prophecy before now) did some auxiliary research more specific to Niwot and the surrounding area. Through surveys he gleaned that there is a strong local demand for both a pervasive drifting marijuana odor and the scent of freshly baked goods. It became evident that blending both of the businesses on one site could be a wise investment.

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Coming soon to 420 2nd Ave.

Boulder County seems to be onboard with the plans too, because permitting is moving right along. No one is under the illusion, however, that the idea won’t garner a bit of an outcry from naysayers.

Cruller said, “I know we’ll hear from those who would prefer we sell just good old-fashioned donuts and forgo mango mascarpone mousses and passionfruit tarts, but they’ll just have to give these more exotic pastries a try and I think eventually they’ll feel a spark of joy.“

It sounds like delight is exactly what Niwot is in store for. Watch for more good news as the plans unfold...there’s even talk of adding on an onsite marijuana lounge at some point.


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