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By Dani Hemmat

Boulder Healing Arts brings holistic alternatives to Niwot


February 14, 2019

Dani Hemmat

Tarot cards, which contain Christian, Judaic, and astrological symbols, have been used for thousands of years, with the oldest preserved museum examples drawn around 1390.

The signs by the side of the road in Niwot that read “Psychic Fair” show up every few months or so. They may be dismissed or ignored by some, while others might be excited that it’s time once again for the Holistic and Intuitive Arts Fair presented by the Boulder Healing Arts Association (BHA).

The fair, which has been held at the Left Hand Grange in Niwot since 2006 (except during Grange renovations, when it was at the bicycle shop across the street), features bodyworkers, intuitive readers and guidance, and alternative methods of healing.

Angela Crisafullii, who runs the fairs, started the BHA in a little metaphysical shop in Cottonwood Square. The BHA started doing Healing Arts Samplers and Psychic Fairs in 1998, as a means to educate and introduce holistic healing and intuitive arts to the public at an affordable price.

“The fairs allow people to try alternative/complementary methods of healing, and maybe find one or two that would work for them in their healing journey,” said Crisafulli. “People have the opportunity to meet different practitioners in an informal, comfortable setting and find one that resonates with them. Working with an intuitive reader allows people to gain new perspective and insights about different issues they have in their lives. Also, it’s a fun experience.”

Crisafulli enjoys holding the fairs in Niwot, and doesn’t feel the need to hold them anywhere else.

“Besides being a warm and welcoming community, Niwot’s location is ideal because it’s midway between Boulder, Longmont and not far from Loveland, Fort Collins and Denver. People enjoy the small town feel of Niwot and our fairs are slow-paced and relaxing,” she said.

Practitioners include bodyworkers, such as massage therapists, chiropractors, movement therapists and acupuncturists; energy workers, such as Reiki practitioners and intuitive or psychic, practitioners, such as Tarot card readers, clairvoyants, palmistry or numerology practitioners, and past life guides.

“I invite everyone to come in and experience different healing methods and intuitive guidance in a safe and nurturing environment,” said Crisafulli. “Once, some folks came to one of our fairs and swore that it was evil and against their religion, but wanted to see what it was about anyway. I explained to them how we all have intuition, such as knowing who is on the phone when it rings, who is knocking on your door, or even walking into a room that doesn’t feel right. I walked them around the room, explaining what each reader was doing, and they began to understand. They ended up staying the day and each getting about five or six readings, and loved it.”

Crisafulli believes that anyone can benefit from exploring alternative, complementary and energy medicine.

“All people are intuitive,” she said. “Some people have developed their intuition much more than others. When your intuition is highly developed, you are able to perceive more and feel, read and interpret the energies of others around you.”

While some readers use physical tools, such as tarot, gemstones or runes, others use clairvoyance to pick up on issues that may be surrounding a person, and they can then provide insights that may help, according to Crisafulli.

“Holistic healing has been around much longer than Western medicine, and is a wonderful adjunct to many traditional Western treatments, as well as being stand-alone healing methods,” said Crisafulli. “There have been many studies showing the benefits of massage and bodywork, energy healing, acupuncture, sound therapy and more. Many medical doctors are now suggesting some of these therapies to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, trauma and more.”

“Our fairs can introduce people to a few of these therapies,” she added,”As for the psychic readings, just sitting down and looking at the Tarot deck laid out in its pattern is a bit mysterious, and who doesn’t like that?”

The BHA Holistic and Intuitive Arts Fair will be held on February 16 from 11am to 5pm at the Left Hand Grange. Bodywork and psychic sessions are $1/minute and typically are 20 minutes long. For information on the practitioners who will be in attendance, visit http://www.boulderhealers.com.


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