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Letter to the Editor (Jan. 23)


January 24, 2019

To the Editor:

I want to address the myth of humane animal production in regards to poultry. There is nothing natural about the poultry consumed at restaurants because these birds have been bred over years to modify the body parts, fat, and protein content. Cage-free generally means giant warehouses containing hundreds or thousands of individuals crowded together on the floor. Withholding hormones or antibiotics from them may be healthier for humans but does nothing to alleviate the suffering of these creatures. Taken directly from the website of the producer mentioned in the article, Healthy local eats LHVC Jan. 16, “Chicken growers work to promote natural behaviors in controlled environments”

Natural behaviors in domestic chicken include scratching the soil to find insects, taking dust baths, and forming small social groups with a dominant hierarchy, usually with one rooster present whose sole responsibility is the safety of the flock. In the poultry industry, debeaking is a common practice of removing a section of the beak to discourage aggression brought on by stress.

The amount of chicken produced for consumption is staggering. It is estimated that every year over 40 billion broilers are bred and consumed mainly in the USA and China. That does not take into account turkeys. Diners may not want to become vegetarian, but one small act could make a huge difference to living creatures. Stop eating chicken.

Jen Rodehaver, Gunbarrel



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