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Where in the world…? (Scarecrow edition)


November 28, 2018

Courtesy Photo

Isaiah and Isabelle Brown share and laugh and a giggle at finding a very hungry scarecrow and his bird and dog along Niwot Road.

Congratulations to all those intrepid travelers who went exploring during the Thanksgiving break. Though, by the looks of the fantastic picture the Brown family sent in, the bird, the scarecrow and his little dog too could still use a meal.

First up is Dave Dell, who wrote, “That skeleton scarecrow/dog is in front of the first house on Niwot Rd. between 95th and 287 on the south side of the road. It's a blue house. I don't know its address.”

Thanks, Dave.

Then we have junior explorers Isaiah and Isabelle Brown of Niwot who also found the location on Niwot Road. Thank you Brown family, for sending in this wonderful picture.

Since everyone is getting so good at finding my destinations, I’m upping the game with a bit of an outlier. Are you up for the challenge? I always look forward to hearing from you.


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