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By Jocelyn Rowley

Rock & Rails Volunteer of the Week: Griffin Harris


August 9, 2018

Kathy Koehler

Former Rock & Rails Volunteer of the Week Jason Champion carries a stack estimated to be 57 cups long at the weekly concert series on Aug. 2. His record is 63 cups.

Thanks to his regular gig as a Rock & Rails gargoyle, Griffin Harris was able to check two major items off his summer to-do list: earn 10 community service hours, and have some fun.

“I’m trying to get a rank, so I started doing this to get Boy Scout hours,” Harris said. He is hoping to earn his first and second-class ranks in Niwot Troop 161. “But, I’ve already surpassed 10 hours, so I’m just doing it because I love volunteering here. It’s so fun.”

Kathy Koehler

Flagstaff Academy sixth-grader Griffin Harris is a sworn enemy of trash and pollution.

Harris especially enjoys hearing from appreciative concert-goers, and is also a big fan of the music.

Harris knows there’s also a serious side to his job, however, especially when it comes to keeping trash out of Whistle Stop Park.

“Only compost and recycle is allowed here,” he said. “So our job, to me, is to tell people which is which and what can help the Earth the most…When trash builds up, it just makes a ton of pollution and it ruins our Earth and the air.”

This fall, Harris will be a sixth-grader at Flagstaff Academy, where his favorite subject is science. He has especially enjoyed studying forensic science and exploring the differences between animal and human anatomy.


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