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By Vicky Dorvee

Fresh new space perfect fit for Begin Fitness


Courtesy Photo Begin Fitness staff and clients celebrate the move of the business to a new studio at 6800 79th Street in Niwot.

After nearly seven years of bringing about dynamic changes in others, Begin Fitness Studio has undergone a renewal of its own. Owner Julia Franklin searched prodigiously for the perfect space in Niwot when her lease at the Emporium on Second Avenue was terminated. The new studio location at 6800 79th Street, Suite 104 in the Cottonwood Shopping Center is rich with natural light and much roomier.

“The name of the business is Begin Fitness, because I really love the idea of beginning every day strong,” Franklin said.

Franklin’s personal journey to health and fitness solidified her passion for the exercise industry and fired her up to help others discover the same results. Her experience with a variety of programs led her to create her own effective mix of workouts. She is a certified group fitness instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, and is qualified through certification programs to teach an array of exercise modalities.

Begin Fitness instructor Amy Bumgarner joined Franklin three years ago. Her strong background in ballet and certifications in teaching group fitness translate impeccably to leading Barre classes.

Renovating the new space involved taking out a wall to create a large studio room, painting, and installing wall mirrors and ceiling tiles. Gorgeous flooring that’s “amazing on your joints” is another huge upgrade.

“That’s my pride,” Franklin said. “It’s actually the same floor that Dancing with the Stars uses. Underneath, it has a really thick pad and springs that hold the wood together. So it allows for a lot of give in the floor. It’s not squishy, it just protects your joints well.”

The studio focuses on three types of classes which, when taken together, complement each other. But there is also a lot of value in each type of class being taken on its own.

The first type of workout offered is the signature session called Be Bold which combines strength exercises with cardio movements. Franklin keeps things interesting and challenging by using an assortment of equipment and she changes up the workouts for each class.

The second type of class takes place at a ballet barre and is called Be Strong. This high-intensity, body sculpting class is slower paced. It concentrates on using proper posture while performing fine-tuned pulsing motions that work on core muscles and result in long lean muscles, better flexibility, and increased strength.

And the newest addition to the workout repertoire is a Rebounding class which uses mini trampolines. “Super easy on joints, a great sweat, and tons of fun,” is how Franklin described this class, which targets core muscles used to maintain balance and an excellent cardio experience.

Begin Fitness has a solid base of clients and now there’s room for more regulars. Beginners new to exercise or those who have never tried group fitness before are encouraged to attend.

“We find a way for anyone to do our classes,” Franklin said. “There are always modifications to suit any situation. I think what is so inspiring is when you get a wide variety of people doing classes, no matter how hard the class is, everyone can look around and be inspired by someone. They can also remember when they first started and couldn’t do some things and they’re struck by knowing that now they can do it. It makes everyone go farther than they would on their own.”

“And if you’re new,” Bumgarner said, “you’re very warmly integrated.”

Unlimited monthly classes cost $75, which include a free water bottle and clean towels, and one family member may join in on a class once a month. Other options are a 10 session punch card for $82 or drop-in classes at $15 per session.

When not being used for Begin Fitness classes, Franklin said the studio is available for rent. Some ideas for rental use include parties, personal trainers, mommy and baby classes, yoga classes, and dance instruction. For additional information, call 720-771-1837 or visit www.BeginFitness.pike13.com.


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