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Letter to the Editor (April 1 edition)


Dear Editor,

As a faithful reader of the Left Hand Valley Courier, I always look forward to your April Fool's edition. However, I am very disappointed that my favorite columnist, Warren Piece, did not write his yearly story. So, he may not be a Pulitzer prize winner but who was that Artie Fischel guy and how come he got the front page?

Warren Piece is a legend in his own mind and I miss his column.


Waiting for next year


Dear Waiting,

Alas, certain matters arose which diverted my attention from the opportunity to add to your reading enjoyment, not the least of which was an extremely early Opening Day, coupled with a longer than usual trip to the wilds of Arizona for spring training. Having a computer crash for a week didn’t help either. Mr. Fischel did an admirable job stepping up to fill the void. I vow that I shall began in earnest to compose a fitting sequel to my now ancient pieces so that you, loyal reader, will not soon forget about me.

W. Piece

P.S. Your name implies that you must be a Cub fan, having acquired the moniker sometime after 1908, but before 2016.


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