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March 22, 2018

Letter to the Editor,

Recently, after surgery, I walked downtown, in my pajamas. Did it matter? Not at all. That's one great advantage out of many, to living in a small, quaint town. I happened to grow up in a similarly small town; however Niwot is an infinitely more exquisite paradise. I cannot (and do not) want to imagine it any differently. And yet, as Sarah and Alan Stratton (et al.) pointed out in their Letter to the Editor, Niwot's innocent, serene nature is in danger of being sacrificed to a newer, "larger than life" ideal/lifestyle. Although I'm a fairly recent resident (almost a year), the love that is in this town overflows in abundance and for the first time in my life, this is home. In the grand scheme of things, that's absolutely huge — for any of us.

Riding my bike through or walking into town and on the loop trails is breathtaking; hearing the train whistle at night soothes and comforts me. As a writer, honestly, there are not enough words for the beauty here; it's a bodily sensation: the buoyant energies, the joy in each neighbor's face, the real kindness and caring baked into foods, beer, music … the summer music festivals! And how magically the park on Niwot and 79th metamorphosed into a botanic garden!

We must preserve our town's wonder and sweetness. If we don't, we will surely experience a most profound, saddened loss that we can never go back to again.

Ruthie Urman,



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