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Niwot LID meets amid uncertainty


March 16, 2018

The Niwot LID Advisory Committee held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on March 6, despite the fact that the Boulder County Commissioners have yet to fill the four vacancies that opened when five-year terms for four of the board’s nine members expired.

Boulder County staff liaison Mark Ruzzin cited unexpected travel commitments and illnesses for the delay by the commissioners, and invited the departing members—Satir DeMarco, co-Chair Laura Skaggs, Tony Santelli, and Howard Treppeda—to attend the March meeting, citing a County policy that extends an advisory board member’s service until their replacement has been appointed. Santelli was out of town, and Treppeda did not attend, but DeMarco and Skaggs attended the meeting, though Skaggs declined to vote.

With just a bare quorum of four members present—two other members had unanticipated conflicts— the meeting proceeded as usual, with a lead-off discussion of treasurer Harris Faberman’s report. Through February, the LID has committed $32,304 of its projected $133,000 budget for 2018.

The first funding request was presented by Niwot Business Association (NBA) Economic Development Director Catherine McHale, who requested $18,280 to fund the NBA’s marketing budget for the first half of 2018.

“We continue to have some change overs in the businesses, so we have to continue to promote Niwot,” McHale said. “It’s really crucial right now.”

McHale’s proposal included costs for both print and online marketing tools, such as posters, social media accounts and maps to promote local events and businesses. It also includes a sizable amount for print and social media advertising to emphasize Niwot’s “quaint and unique” identity. The request was approved unanimously, with LID member Biff Warren abstaining.

Chuck Klueber of the NBA Streetscapes committee was up next with two requests, the first for $21,500 for the care and maintenance of planted containers along 2nd Avenue and in Cottonwood Square during the summer months. Up 20 percent from $18,000 in 2017, the request included costs for additional flowers and daily watering in Cottonwood Square. Previously, business owners there maintained the pots in front of their shops.

“Last year, Cottonwood Square got about $2,000 and the balance, almost $16,000 went to 2nd Avenue,” Klueber said. “And it showed. You could go through Cottonwood Square and you could hardly see any flowers, but Second Avenue was a gem.” Klueber explained that this year’s request was intended to get Cottonwood Square on par with the downtown area.

Members approved the request unanimously, with Faberman and Co-Chair Carrie Wise abstaining.

Klueber then asked for $2,000 to replace 22 local event banners and their hardware. After some discussion, the Committee increased the approval to $2,200 to add new banners for Let’s Wine about Winter.

In new business, Ruzzin again discussed the board member recruitment process, and said the candidate interviews have been completed, and appointments are forthcoming. Both Skaggs and DeMarco, who have applied for second terms to the NLIDAC, said the lack of transparency by the county during the selection process has been frustrating.

“I submitted something respectfully, and it does not feel like it has been received that way,” Skaggs said. “This has been an open process since December….It creates a sense of ‘it doesn’t matter’, and I know that’s not the case. But that is what their silence indicates, and I think that’s unfortunate and I regret that on the County’s behalf.”

In other New Business, Warren reported that the future location of the Left Hand Animal Hospital (currently the Neighborhood Learning Center) is not within the boundaries of the LID, so retail sales at that location will not be subject to the one percent sales tax unless the property were added to the LID boundaries. Warren agreed to approach the Hospital owners and ask if they would consent have having the property added to the District, as the Link Building was last year.

With no old business or public comment, the meeting was adjourned. The Committee will meet next at 7 p.m. on April 3 at the Mountain View Fire Station.


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