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By Jesse Murphy

Community input sought for animal hospital move


The neighborhood around 304 Franklin Street in Niwot recently received a referral packet regarding the Left Hand Animal Hospital’s proposed move to that location.

Hospital co-owners Nancy Bureau and Katie Thomas are in the process of purchasing the property, which is the current home of the Neighborhood Learning Center of Niwot.

The packet is part of a special use application process to the Boulder County Land Use department, along with maps and the proposal submitted by Bureau and Thomas.

The proposal highlights the criteria required by the county for the change in use, along with a proposed addition of just over 1,000 square feet.

“The packet is to talk about the process of buying the building and what we will be proposing,” Bureau said. “We wanted to make sure everyone knew what was happening and that they were comfortable with it.”

Bureau, along with Kim and Alan Schwartz (owner/operators of the Learning Center), walked through each area neighborhood knocking on doors and talking to people.

Bureau said that they received good feedback.

“Overall the neighbors seem like they’re happy in some ways in that the hospital will be there,” Bureau said. “But of course Kim and Alan Schwartz have helped in the community so much for decades that people will miss them.”

Bureau said that the property will continue to fit the look and feel of the neighborhood, and that the big trees out front will be preserved.

The two veterinarians currently lease their location at 136 Second Ave., where they have been located for the last four years.

“We have really enjoyed being a part of the Niwot community,” Bureau said. “We wanted to make sure we could continue to be a piece of that. There are just great people here.”

They spent the last year or so, with little luck, finding a suitable place in town to move their business until the location on Franklin became available.

“Honestly the space doesn’t increase much at all,” Bureau said. “It’s really so we can become a permanent part of Niwot. We’re really invested in the community.”

Left Hand Animal Hospital organizes and sponsors the Great Pumpkin Festival’s pet costume contest each year. They are also involved with Fourth of July activities, Rock & Rails and various other community events.

Bureau said that they still have several meetings with the county, and accepting public input is part of the process. Nearby residents have until April 4, to respond to the letter from the land use department.

Until special use approval is obtained and the sale closes, Left Hand Animal Hospital will remain in operation at the Second Avenue location.

“The people here are great and our clients are amazing,” Bureau said. “The animals that we help are super darling and very well cared-for. In getting a permanent home in Niwot, it will allows us to continue provide services for folks here.”


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