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By Vicky Dorvee

Natural Medicine Biz Moving to Niwot


February 15, 2018

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Dr. Janine Malcolm, N.D, LA.c., is moving her natural medicine and acupuncture family practice to Second Avenue in Niwot this April.

Nature Doc J, a natural medicine family practice owned by a Niwot resident, Dr. Janine Malcolm, N.D., LA.c., will be relocating from its Boulder location on Walnut Street to 165 Second Avenue in Niwot this April. The name of the business will be aptly changed to Niwot Natural Medicine.

Malcolm is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and an acupuncturist, and has had her practice in Boulder for the past 18 years. Along with her 13 year-old daughter and four year-old son, the family moved to Niwot two years ago.

“I love Niwot and have been looking and wanting to move my business here for awhile now. We walked into our new location and it felt perfect. All of the stars lined up, it’s an amazing location,” Malcolm said.

Malcolm said, “My management company, E, H & H, LLC, which I own with Nick Dunbar, a local realtor with Homestead Real Estate, purchased the property (on Second Avenue) and will manage the property. Niwot Natural Medicine will be renting the space and operating business.”

Both Malcolm and Dunbar plan to join the Niwot Business Association.

Malcolm’s current staff and co-workers, acupuncturist, Kat Dunbar, LA.c (wife of Nick Dunbar), and Amelia Kaufman, a certified nutritionist and the office manager, will accompany her in the move.

Prior to settling in, the space will be renovated to serve as offices for working with patients and a public apothecary.

Natural medicine’s basic premise and Malcolm’s philosophy of keeping patients healthy are based on the body’s inherent abilities to heal, and working toward treating causes rather than treating symptoms.

“I play detective,” Malcolm said. “I have an extensive 2-4 hour intake with each new patient, where I take an in-depth history of each person (their health, exercise, eating and sleeping habits), their family’s medical history, along with discussing their mental health.”

Besides her naturopathic and acupuncture graduate degrees from Bastyr University, Malcolm has an undergraduate degree in psychology from UC-Berkeley; she has also studied sports medicine, and is a practitioner of yoga and meditation.

Malcolm has taught at a number of schools, including Naropa University. She is also a lecturer on an assortment of medical topics including Chinese medicine, preventative medicine, yoga and mind/body consciousness, cancer and chronic diseases.

“I work with mind, body and spirit. The practice works with everyone from pediatric patients to seniors. The lists of things we address include sports injuries, infertility, digestive problems, autoimmune conditions, and supportive treatments for cancer.” Malcolm said.

The modalities and treatments the practice uses to heal and support patients include: acupuncture, tissue manipulation, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, nutritional, vitamin and supplement counseling and recommendations, and injection therapies.

Malcolm said, “The biggest misconception about natural medicine is that we are not medically trained - and many in the field are not. But, I have a 4-year medical degree from an accredited university, Bastyr University, which sets me apart from many others. Also, myself and Kat Dunbar have masters degrees in acupuncture and Chinese medicine from accredited universities, mine from Bastyr, and Kat graduated from Southwest School of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Gunbarrel.”

The addition of an apothecary open to the public will be new for the practice. The apothecary will carry herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements.

The practice also plans to set up a low-income sliding scale acupuncture clinic.

“We have a very compassionate, open, and healing environment and I can’t wait to share that with the community I love,” Malcolm said.


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