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November 24, 2017

Dear Editor:

As long-time Boulder County resident, I had visited Niwot many times, and then in the summer of 2016 I moved here.

There are many things I like here, especially the community spirit and occasional fun events. This includes the Thursday Night Music.

True it is popular and many people drive here for it. I take that as a compliment that the city is putting on a good event. For one night a week I see no issue with it. Every time I've been, I've only seen people enjoying themselves.

So it was with surprise that I read the letter from Christine Lucas in the Nov. 15th issue. Based on her descriptions, it was hard to believe she was describing the same events that I have been attending.

Her phrases such as "horde driven," "camping gear," "car doors slamming," "noise will not abate,” "alcoholic...behavior" are not what I nor my friends have witnessed.

I enjoy Niwot's many events such as the Thursday music, the fourth of July, Halloween, etc. I think this occasional influx of cars is a good thing for the city.

Steve Levin



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