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Letter to the editor 2


November 16, 2017

To The Editor:

I am opposed to the parking lot, which will be located along Murray Street, on the strip of land currently owned by BNSF railroad.

Reasons for my opposition:

The parking lot will change Murray Street from a rural setting to a city setting.

Traffic will increase in the neighborhood.

According to the Sept. 2016 traffic study done in Niwot (Fox, Tuttle and Hernandez), ten spaces were removed from downtown parking for striped parking spaces and bumper blocks between 2014 and 2016. The study recommended that employees be encouraged to park behind businesses or on underutilized blocks. It was recommended that the Niwot LID along with the Transportation staff prepare a Demand Management Plan. No mention was made for the need of a parking lot.

The parking lot will ruin the view of the mountains for three properties.

The parking lot will decrease property values for these three properties.

The Niwot Cultural Arts Association and the Niwot Business Association failed to notify the residents of plans, which would affect residents’ homes, until after the land was under contract.

The purchase of the BNSF land is very inexpensive. This has lead the Business Association down the “path of least resistance,” excluding the chance to be “good neighbors” with the resident community.

Jane A. Zander



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