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New Owner brings fresh approach to Niwot Florist


September 28, 2017

Photo by Vicky Dorvee New Niwot Florist owner, Jessica Wilson.

There’s a noticeable new vibe at the Niwot Florist. As of last week, Jessica Wilson is the new owner of the flower shop, located inside the Niwot Market. Her excitement about the business and its possibilities is contagious. “I’ve always had a passion for flowers and this is something I really care about” Wilson said.

Wilson brings her love and knowledge of flowers, including her master gardener status, to the flower shop. At her Gunbarrel home, Wilson uses all of the hard-to-come-by sunny spaces in her mature yard, and even the shady areas, to grow as many flowers as she can.

A bachelor’s degree in business and a subsequent master’s degree in nutrition add to Wilson’s penchant for running a commercial enterprise and leanings toward the natural sciences. Her previous profession was as a supplement and nutrition sales representative while working for Mountain States Health Products.

The shop’s former owner, Kristy Nichols, known as Kristy Grubb before her marriage this month, announced the store was for sale nine months ago. While Nichols relocated to Amsterdam with her now husband, Veric Nichols, a business broker worked on her behalf listing the flower shop. At the time of the sale she had owned the store for four years.

Nichols’ wedding in the area and the timing of the store’s transfer allowed both big events to synchronize well. Nichols was able to spend time with Wilson which helped create a smooth transition..

Wilson said, “I gave it a lot of thought. It’s a fantastic opportunity and, without fail, everything just came together.”

For now, Wilson will be running the store single-handedly; making deliveries, purchasing inventory and working with customers. She does have an arrangement designer, KC Stafford, to help her with formal occasions.

Seasonal occasions that call for flowers, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, high school homecoming, holiday home decorating, and weddings will be high volume times. Day-to-day business is robust Wilson said, and she will continue to service the entire Boulder to Longmont area.

As for bringing her personal panache to the business, Wilson said, “I believe strongly in lessening the load on humans.”. This conviction led her to investigate offering more “clean” flowers, which are grown without chemicals so there is less of an impact on the environment and people.

Getting local flowers in the summertime that fit that bill shouldn’t be difficult, Wilson believes. But finding suppliers year-round will require more research. “I have to get to know the clients better to see what the best mix is and what barriers there are,” said Wilson, “and price is always a consideration.”

Already using her creative flair in the store, Wilson added fresh-cut local lavender bundles, sweet grasses, and aromatic smudge sticks to her displays. Succulents are new to the mix too and some clever and gorgeous varieties are tucked into colorful hollowed-out gourds. She imagines integrating interesting vases, more potted plants, decorative seasonal objects, and elegant gifts to the business, and, come springtime, outdoor plants will all be added to her offerings. “And I want to see what the community is asking for,” she stated.

Wilson said she has felt great support from her friends and family. Her two daughters are likely to pitch in. One daughter recently graduated from Boulder High School and the other is a junior at Fairview High School.

Wilson has never been involved in a retail endeavor before. When she’s tells those around her about her new career and how she sees it as a “peaceful and creative space to be,” she knows that’s what it will be for her. “Flowers make people happy.”

Hours of operation are the same as the Niwot Market’s hours - daily 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Jessica Wilson will be available at the florist shop Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Niwot Florist phone number is 303-652-0419.


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