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New holistic practice open in Gunbarrel


September 22, 2017

Courtesy Photo Keri Brown is now practicing holistic medicine in Gunbarrel, offering a variety of services, workshops and speaking events.

Keri Brown has opened her doors in Gunbarrel to provide holistic medicinal services and consultations.

The idea behind her practice is to treat the root cause of any and all ailments in the human body.

“I really specialize in helping people help their health forward on a cellular level,” Brown said. “It’s a practical approach to dealing with today’s health situations.

She said that another main focus is preventative and proactive natural treatments.

“We support people in health and wellness through naturopathic consultations,” Brown said, “individuals who are seeking optimal wellness and lifestyle balance, ability to take action by providing health risk assessments and providing customized wellness plans.”

After earning her doctorate from Bastyr University in Seattle, Brown has spent the last 20 years as a naturopathic doctor in rural Vermont. Gunbarrel is the second stop in Colorado for her practice, Tallas Health.

Some of the areas patients typically see Brown for include weight issues, blood sugar balancing, digestive balancing, women’s health, high cholesterol and issues arising from other chronic illnesses.

“I don’t believe in watching and waiting,” Brown said. “I’m a very proactive person in taking a stance on preventing sickness.”

Brown also provides workplace wellness programs that can be held on-site. She said these can be a one-time event or a series.

She frequently is booked as a keynote speaker at universities, churches and other groups where she talks about holistic medicine and new techniques, and provides a different perspective on the industry.

“It’s really about altering the health paradigm and helping people take control of a sustainable lifestyle with healthy balances and practices,” Brown said.

Treatment plans for disease management can be simple or very complex, depending on the issue at hand.

“The body is all bio-chemistry, it is designed to heal itself,” Brown said. “It is formulated to provide positive results. When we end up with our biochemistry being abnormal or there is unwanted toxic buildup in the body, there is cellular unhealthiness.

“When you start addressing the body on the underlying process of what naturally works — instead of trying to stop the process — you can start healing the organs on a more specific level.”

While conventional medicine has its benefits, Brown said that often the treatment of symptoms does not address the underlying issue.

According to Brown, men typically wait an average of eight months before seeing a doctor for a health concern. Women average about four months.

She said that the reason for this long wait could be a number of factors, including apprehension about hearing test results or what the treatment could be. This, she says, can be avoided by looking at one’s health from a different standpoint.

“Part of that is belief in the system or the potential care they might get,” Brown said. “They may want that treatment or they may not. We’ve found that more people tend to watch and wait instead of taking a proactive stance. This is why we see so many more chronic problems today.”

Brown does home, office and executive visits. To schedule an appointment, call 970-889-3541. More information can be found at http://www.drkeribrown.com.


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