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September 8, 2017

Letter to Left Hand Valley Courier

We are writing in reference to the article in the August 16th edition of the Left Hand Valley Courier titled: “Niwot LID approves funding for Cottonwood Park West open space”.

The headline should have read: “Niwot LID approves funding for community area”. The headline as it was published suggests that the property is not private and could be misleading.

There is no “open space” in Cottonwood Park West, only private common areas that belong to and are reserved for the residents of CPW and their guests.

The proposed seating area is indeed on CPW property. The proposed kiosk and art installation would be in the county right-of-way along Niwot Road.

The design for this corner area was developed to be as unobtrusive to our neighborhood as possible while providing an amenity for the area that creates connectivity as mentioned in the article.

If there is a follow-up article once the construction is finished, it is worth noting that CPW purchased the left hand chairs, and that CPW residents Taz Chaudry and Denise Chamberlain painted them.

Thank you in advance for helping to clarify this important detail.

Nick Whitaker

President, CPW HOA

Dean Carpenter

Manager, CPW HOA


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