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By Karen Copperberg

Between You and Me


April 21, 2017

Originally published April 1, 1997.

It’s my personal view that most people would love to have more time to communicate. In many cases, with our busy world, we don’t have the time or the patience to have a really great talk.

Oh! For the days spent around the campfire just getting to know each other. (I was a Girl Scout, can you tell?) Instead of taking a time out, we sign up for one more class or exercise program that is supposed to teach us how to be healthy and relax. What we really need is to drop all the extra things we do.

Sound simple? Sure! But I don’t know anybody that can really do it. There are plenty of “dropouts” from society, but I don’t know if they are any happier than you or me.

Anyone who has to have 2”x 2” blocks on their calendar in order to fit in a day’s activities is busy enough that they can’t stop to “chat.” I’m as busy as the next person, I’ll admit. But this is my chance to “talk” to you and to catch up on local news. I’ll be glad to pass on little tidbits to you in future issues, and welcome any insights you have to share.

So tell me your hopes and dreams. I’ll be here every month and would love to hear your thoughts on life today. Here’s hoping we can build a great relationship.

Until next, month, I’ll keep it between and you and me…


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