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By Jen Rodehaver

Left Hand Laurel: Lyn Mead


December 9, 2016

Left Hand Laurel: Lyn Mead

When longtime Gunbarrel resident Lyn Mead closed her small business four years ago, she noticed her schedule became less rigid so she wasted no time filling her days.

Now a mentor for Montessori teachers, Mead is also active in numerous organizations including EFAA food bank and Harvest of Hope Pantry, both in Boulder.

November and December is a high need time for folks who frequent the food banks and Mead is astonished at the quantity of food that passes in and out the door this time of year. She notes that a lot of people want to help out and this is one simple way to make a difference on a local level, and even small donations are appreciated.

Dan Lewitt, inventory supervisor at Harvest of Hope Pantry, said the following about one of his favorite volunteers, “Lyn is great. She brings a Montessori sensibility to the job and we all benefit from it.”

Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to her various obligations, she continued to volunteer during recent treatment for breast cancer. Mead attributes her commitment in part to her parents, who placed a high value on activism and volunteerism when their children were young.

She believes all parents can encourage this ethic early in their children’s lives and notes that many of the food bank volunteers are quite young and still able to learn to contribute to their community.


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