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By Jesse Murphy
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Singer holds state house position


November 28, 2016

State Representative Jonathan Singer held on to his seat in District 11 by a margin of just under 8,000 votes in the election Nov. 8 election.

Singer is now in his third elected term after finishing out that of current Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner.

Following the results from both national and local races, Singer said that the state has “held up to its true form” by not being predominately red or blue.

“I think Colorado has shown itself to be an independent-minded state,” Singer said. “What we are seeing now is a trend towards populism. There’s a desire from the public to have a candidate who works for the working people.”

Singer said that the focus now is on needs of working family such as affordable housing and job training.

“We need to make sure the people who want to do the right actually can do the right thing and take care of their families,” Singer said.

Other issues on the plate include education, transportation, and those concerned about the next generation not being able to afford living in the area.

“I’m going to keep working to make sure the next generation has a solid footing to have an affordable place to live,” Singer said. “It starts with good homes and good jobs. Those are sort of the bottom-line things people are worried about. If you work hard, you deserve a fair shot.”

Singer will have another opportunity to run again, and he thinks constituents are happy with what he stands for.

“I think the important thing we need to look at is that I want to be an acceptable person,” Singer said. “My title has the word ‘representative’ in it, and I try to represent people better by listening.

As far as the state goes, Democrats have control of the House, while Republicans hold the Senate.

Singer said that from his experience, this scenario should not pose too big of a problem for either side to accomplish legislative goals.

“As things come up, I hope to be the person they can count on to find common sense solutions,” Singer said. “That’s something we’re going to have to do. We’re going to have to roll up our sleeves and work across the aisle. I think we’ll see some unique things because of it, and I look forward to that.”


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