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By Aurelia Pollard

Site plan request approved for new project on 2nd Ave


October 12, 2016

On Friday, Sept. 23, the Boulder County Land Use director approved with conditions the site plan requested by Anne and Jim Postle for the property at 240 2nd Avenue in Niwot.

The approval was conditional for a 14-day period until Friday, Oct. 7 where the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) had the opportunity to call the docket up for a public hearing. Postle said in an email over the weekend that the commissioners were not going to call the project up for review, meaning the project is approved.

The site plan calls for redeveloping the parcel into a mixed commercial/residential use. The Postles want to add a 1,247 square feet commercial building west of the existing bungalow, which was the former home of Niwot Interiors, and a 7,803 square feet residential building containing three residential units.

Land use staff approved the total site plan for the 10,246 square feet. project, which includes the 1,196 square feet original structure that was built in 1913. Staff also noted they didn’t find any significant visual impacts on the natural features or neighborhood character of the surrounding area.

Postle said the two-story building will be used for commercial or retail space, which will have three parking spaces. Niwot resident and personal trainer Holly Saia is planning to open Nourish & Company in the existing bungalow that will focus on healthy living.

The three two-story townhomes will each have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a total of 1,500 square feet, which will be for rent. Postle said the caboose that is currently on the property will be donated to a non-profit.

On the east side of the property, a parking lot of 14 spaces will be constructed that will be only accessible from 2nd Avenue, rather than the back alley. Postle said the county has approved the parking spaces for employee parking only, not public parking.

“That frees up the spaces on 2nd Avenue for people who come to shop and eat,” Postle said. “That is the purpose, to lessen the parking burden along 2nd Avenue.”

Postle said she’s received support from everyone from the county staff and the Niwot Community Association to the Fire Marshall. Even with conditions attached to the approval, she said they will “happily meet” them.

“It’s a good project for the town,” Postle said. “It adds great commercial space and takes what is kind of now a dumpy site and just cleans it up.”

She also noted that many of the trees will be preserved to keep the area shaded. There’s already interest in the new commercial building, and for the townhomes as well. The construction won’t begin right away, because they’ll still have to submit for a building permit.

“It adds more life to that downtown area [with] more people living and working there, that can walk to restaurants and shopping,” Postle said. “Parking is certainly a benefit to the area as well.”

For more information on the project, visit bouldercounty.org/landusedockets to search for docket SPR-16-0108.


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