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Arrow Wood fashion truck comes to Niwot


Karen Copperberg/Left Hand Valley Courier Kris Budde, owner and founder of Arrow Wood, stands in front of her truck at a Niwot Market Friday night dinner.

Kris Budde launched her boutique-style fashion truck, Arrow Wood, this past March, and now caters to Niwot most Fridays from 4-7 p.m. outside of Niwot Market.

Arrow Wood prides itself on making high-end fashion more convenient for women by bringing the store to them.

“This way, you can actually see if what you’re buying works with your closet and [if] you’re going to be happy with it,” Budde said.

Self-described as diverse and adaptable, Budde’s own fashion is reflected in the apparel sold at Arrow Wood where southern roots blend with a laid-back Colorado style.

“I definitely like to say that I can take a woman through morning to night,” she explained of her fashion sense. “I’ve got everything from athletics, to casual-chic, to special occasions. I’m all about versatility, so if you can’t wear something more than one way, it’s not in my truck.”

Budde sells women’s clothing and accessories both online and in her fashion truck, which she drives around Colorado. The truck is available to be booked for private parties and can often be seen making an appearance at public events.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Budde moved to Colorado only five years ago.

“I always wanted to come out [to Colorado] and I’m now a firm believer that the minute you think you’re going to live in Boulder, you really do end up in Boulder,” she said.

As travel allows Arrow Wood to expand its customer base, Budde would like to continue to travel along the Front Range.

“The furthest I’ve gone is Denver,” she said. “I want to head out to Fort Collins and Loveland, but I’m five years new to Colorado so I’m still getting familiar with the area myself.”

Though she would like to eventually establish a brick and mortar shop, Budde hopes to continue to maintain the fashion truck, believing that many of her customers appreciate the convenience which it brings.

“Many of my clients are moms and don’t have the time [to go shopping], or don’t want to bring their kids,” Budde explained. “So I come over with the truck, and it’s all much more relaxing.”

One of Budde’s favorite parts of Arrow Wood is the opportunity it affords her to meet new people every day.

“It’s nice to be out there and constantly meeting people. I just love it when people come up and say ‘hi,’” she said.

Arrow Wood has now traveled to Niwot several times and plans to visit weekly.

“Niwot is one of my favorite [places] in Colorado. I love going to the Friday night dinners, so I’m trying to go every Friday,” she said.

Find Arrow Wood outside of the Niwot Market on Fridays from 4-7 p.m. or learn more at shoparrowwood.com.


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