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Commissioners approve Niwot marijuana retail application


Boulder County Commissioners approved the proposed marijuana establishment in Niwot on Thursday, June 30, after holding a public hearing on June 29 to hear from opponents and supporters.

Julie Baldwin, who has been a Niwot resident for over 20 years, said her main concerns are parking issues, home property values and the safety of the town.

“Our community, Niwot, is a peaceful, safe place to live now,” Baldwin said. “That is rare and I want it to stay that way…"

Jim Eastman, a Niwot resident who is heavily involved in the town, voiced his support to the county commissioners, explaining a marijuana store is needed in Niwot because otherwise he has to travel to Boulder to get the medicine he needs for his kidney disease.

“There is a need for this type of product in the Niwot area,” he said.

The county commissioners came together the next morning on June 30 to deliberate, share final thoughts and make their decision in front of members of the public.

Commissioner Cindy Domenico explained this has been a tough issue for them, since the people of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in 2013. Ultimately she said that as commissioners they have to stick to the Boulder County land use codes.

“Our job is to see whether this application matches up with the code that’s in place, [and] that governs this subdivision in this particular site,” Domenico explained.

Jones, Gardner and Domenico voted unanimously to approve the docket, with the hours of operation the planning commission recommended of 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. They also stated that after 18 months the applicant can submit to change the hours through the minor modification process, which will be based on “successful operations in terms of compatibility with the neighborhood.”

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