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Niwot LID discusses variety of funding requests


At Niwot’s Local Improvement District (LID) meeting on Tuesday, June 7, LID members heard from several different community members requesting funding from the organization.

The first funding request came from the Colorado Jazz Group, headed by Howard Treppeda, who also owns Treppeda’s Italian Ristorante in Niwot. Treppeda requested $10,000 for the annual Jazz on 2nd Ave festival that takes place in Niwot later in the summer.

While the event has traditionally been held in mid-August, Treppeda said the event will be later this year and will start on Friday, September 16 and last two days. He hopes the later start time will help with the attendance since the event won’t be competing with other local events.

He also said he plans on keeping the event smaller this year, but it will still take place on Second Avenue. “We’re aiming to make sure it’s a comfortable setting for everyone, including guests that attend,” Treppeda said.

The total cost for the event is $75,000, which includes costs for marketing, talent and support, and infrastructure and event expenses, among other things. The group is expected to recieve over $50,000 in donations that go toward the cost of the event.

Treppeda believes the event will benefit the Niwot LID because the “performance and education festival has attracted thousands over the last five years.” However, Treppeda is still working on his one goal of closing down the streets so people can walk around freely without worrying about cars.

This year, another change will include entrance tickets for the event, which Treppeda expects to be around $10. “We can’t keep it free anymore, people need to get paid,” he said.

The LID moved to approve the funding request for Jazz on 2nd Ave for $10,000.

The next funding request came from Barry Lee, who works for Without Limits Productions, which asked for $5,000 for a cycling race that will take place in Niwot on Sunday, June 26. The race is part of the three-day Boulder Elements Race, put on by Without Limits Productions.

The last day of the event is a circuit race that will go through Niwot, starting at Bootstrap Brewery in Cottonwood Square on 79th Street, then east on Niwot Road to 95th Street, south to Highway 52, and back around to 79th Street. Lee explained they are asking for funding to enhance the event through marketing strategies, in order to showcase Niwot.

Since the race is coming up quickly, LID members were hesitant about funding an event they knew little about. LID member Satir DeMarco asked, “Why is this request so late when it is two weeks away, and you’re asking for a good amount of money?”

Other LID members agreed with DeMarco’s sentiments and were wary of giving $5,000 to the event. Lee said the money would be put toward enhancing their marketing materials, and bringing in a radio DJ on the day of the event to draw more people to Niwot.

Carrie Wise agreed with DeMarco and said Sundays aren’t the best days to draw people to town because “most shops in town will be closed at the time of the event.”

Treppeda said he believes in the sport of cycling and wants to support it, but said he wants to see a track record of the event first before funding $5,000.

After listening to concerns of other members of the LID Advisory Committee, Bruce Warren moved to approve funding $1,000 for the event, to be used only for marketing and promotion expenses. He felt it would be good for the overall publicity of Niwot, and people might see stores they want to come back and visit, even if the stores are not open on the day of the race.

After the lengthy discussion, the board voted 4-3 to approve the motion, and $1,000 was approved for marketing the cycling event, with Warren, Treppeda, Jim Eastman and Harris Faberman voting to approve, and DeMarco, Wise and Laura Skaggs voting to recommend denial.

The last funding request on the agenda was from the Niwot Business Association (NBA) for $11,250 for the Economic Development Director position. Julie Ankenbrandt, who currently holds the position, was in attendance to present the request to the LID.

The total cost of the position is $30,000 per year, with $22,500 of that coming from the LID and $7,500 coming from the NBA. Ankenbrandt said she’s “had a good year in the position and has learned many interesting things.”

Ankenbrandt said the marketing side of the position has been stronger, as she’s learned more about the economic development side. She explained she’s most proud of the new website she helped design, the new Uniquely Niwot ad campaign, and improved communication with the community.

The goals of the economic development position are to promote commerce, and support and grow the vibrancy of the business community. Ankenbrandt has worked in serving as the main contact for the business community and the main liaison with the county on business-related issues. She’s also worked on marketing Niwot to the larger business community and to local area consumers. Ankenbrandt has also investigated and pursued economic development opportunities at the state and county levels.

However, Ankenbrandt said she will be stepping out of this role once her term is up, which is at the end of June, but she won’t leave until the position has been filled. She will remain the marketing director the NBA, however, and will still be involved in marketing for Niwot.

The LID moved to approve the funding request of $11,250 and expressed confidence that the position will continue in the right direction.


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