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By Aurelia Pollard

Let's Wine About...Winter?


February 28, 2016

The second annual Let’s Wine About Winter event, went off without a hitch last Saturday, Feb. 20. But if you attended last year’s event, you noticed one very stark difference—the weather.

A blizzard accompanied last year’s inaugural event, which still has people talking about to this day. Many were hoping another blizzard would roll in just in time, but Mother Nature had other plans.

It was a balmy day for winter, about 65 degrees, sunny and just a tad windy. One event goer said it was more like, “Let’s Wine About Wind,” than winter. But people didn’t seem to be phased by the more spring-like day; they still had a great time.

From 1-5 p.m., on an otherwise quiet Saturday in Niwot, event attendants walked around to open merchants on Second Avenue and in Cottonwood Square for wine and beer tasting. There were over 30 choices of wine and beer, so something for everyone, paired with some cheese, crackers and fruit hors d’oeuvres.

For just $25 per ticket, of which 160 were sold to benefit the Niwot Children’s Park and Whistle Stop Park, event-goers received a Let’s Wine About Winter mug and a $10 coupon redeemable at participating Niwot stores, through March 14. Who wouldn’t want to spend their Saturday wine and beer tasting with friends, all for a good cause? Michelle Henzel of Osmosis Art & Architecture, and the treasurer for the Niwot Cultural Arts Association, which sponsored the event, reported that a total of 160 tickets were sold, a substantial increase over last year.

Maria Aulakh and Robin Kee, from Erie and Thornton, respectively, heard about the event through some girlfriends, and are sure glad they came out to participate. Although Aulakh grew up in Boulder County and is familiar with Niwot, this was her first time at Let’s Wine About Winter and she thought it was “a really nice event.”

Long-time Niwot residents Don and Hallie Pasko attended the event with Charlie Watts, who recently moved to Niwot and does fiber art. Watts said she’s eager to get involved in the community and is “trying to get to know more people.”

People could be found walking the streets of Second Avenue with coffee mugs, which were in no way intended to be used for coffee, and throughout Cottonwood Square going from store to store enjoying their wine and snacks.

Kathy Hamlin, who attended the event last year, came out with some girlfriends and said the almost 70 degree weather was definitely different, but “both were equally fun and enjoyable.” Her friend Janette Kotichas, who is from Louisville, said she enjoyed taking notes on the different wines and comparing them.

A group of Niwotians was on their way to Colterra on Second Avenue, and said this year’s event was different but just as fun as last year’s. Mary Quinn noticed that “last year everyone was wearing hats and jackets, but this year everyone is wearing sunglasses,” which goes to show just how different Mother Nature can be.

Postle was quite pleased with the event turnout, “It was great...,” she said the following day. “I know we more than doubled sales from last year. People were having a blast! I have only had good responses from the businesses.”


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