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The NCAA is excited to bring back jazz to Niwot. September 4th the Niwot Jazz Festival, championed by Keith Waters and Gene Heyworth, will present eight hours of jazz music, free to the public, in Cottonwood Square and downtown.

Niwot residents will soon have another reason to come together and celebrate. This September, the Niwot Cultural Arts Association (NCAA), through the efforts of Keith Waters and Gene Hayworth, will be launching its inaugural Niwot Jazz Festival.

"There used to be a jazz festival and then it ended a couple years ago," said Hayworth. "My partner Keith [Waters] is a jazz piano player and he's always hoping to find venues... We thought, 'Why not bring [the festival] back?'"

Hayworth explained that many of the Inkberry Books' patrons tend to have an interest in the arts, so he and Waters saw the festival as an opportunity to bring the community together.

This is a free, one-day outdoor festival with more than 10 local and regional performers that will take place in Cottonwood Square and along 2nd Avenue. Attendees will be able to hear traditional, gypsy and New Orleans style jazz in addition to salsa and tango music. "We're hoping to have a variety for everybody," Hayworth said.

Notably, the headliner will be a joint performance of Waters and Sharón Clark, a vocalist from Washington D.C. who has performed at the Kennedy Center.

The festival is still accepting donations and is excited at the community sponsorship they have received thus far. In addition to support from local businesses such as Colorado Landmark Realtors, Porchfront Homes and Fly Away Home, the festival has also received sponsorship from KUVO, the local jazz radio station and Pathways to Jazz.

"When you do an event like this, everybody chips in and you get to collaborate," Hayworth said. "What we're trying to emphasize is that Niwot is a very vibrant place to visit and live."

The event is set to take place on Saturday, September 4th from 12 noon until 8 p.m.

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