Cuppa artists display at Old Oak Coffee House


October 14, 2020

Deborah Cameron

An eclectic pottery collection has found its way onto the walls of Old Oak Coffeehouse, and, fittingly, it has taken the form of more than 250 ceramic coffee mugs. The lovingly crafted carafes are part of the Cuppa Artists Display Collaboration, installed in the 2nd Avenue hang-out on Sept. 4.

The exhibit is designed to draw attention to local potters, and mugs seemed a perfect fit for the coffee shop environment. Customers are taking notice, too, as many lingered by the displays, appreciating the craftsmanship, while listening to the music during the Oct. 10 sidewalk sale.

According to Old Oak Coffeehouse staff member Calum Wintergerst, who was serving coffee during the sale, people seem to love the exhibit. "Many of the customers are sad that they still have to use paper cups," he said. "When they see the ceramic cups, it's heartening to them, almost nostalgic."

The cups come in all sizes, shapes and colors, and the aesthetic ranges from earthy and rustic, to flora or geometric. Among the most eye-catching is a pair of mugs featuring birds, dragon flies, and a butterfly.

Deborah Cameron

Each of the mugs is offered for sale, and judging by the blank spots on the shelves, there have already been some takers. Each shelf lists the name of the potter and, in some cases, contact information for the pottery studio they're affiliated with. Anyone interested in learning about an artist's other work can contact an artist directly.

Twenty nine artists participated in the showing from locations including Niwot, Longmont, and Boulder. Featured potters include Ann Barnsley, Joy Boston, Steve Briggs, Ty Brookhart, Robin Bryant, Marc Campbell, Lynette Case, Pricilla Cohan, Cris Conklin, Amy Deystone, Willi Eggerman, Curt Hammerly, Heather Kegel, Deanna Ketterman, Amanda Knutsen, Jim Lorio, Tammy Lynn, Kati Messing, Donna Miers, John MInkler, Karl Nazzaro, Paula Nylen, Giga Pellouchoud, Courtney Puig, Todd Redmond, Peter and Sue Stark, Rita Vail and Julia Zuniga.

The coffee mugs will remain on display through the end of the month. For more information on the exhibit, the Old Oak Coffee Shop's hours, or on other events visit


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