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Meadow Lake Honey - A sweet place to be


August 14, 2019

Courtesy photo Dawn and Jeff Server suit up for their bees.

When asked how they got into the honey business and started Meadow Lake Honey, Dawn and Jeff Server both smiled. “We bought this house and they had hives, “ Dawn said. The hives were technically an “add-on” to the cost of the house, but one that both Servers were very happy to bear.

Dawn grew up in Niwot and graduated from Niwot High School in 1983. Her father, Don Reeb, was the Niwot Community School Director for many years. With the exception of college and a four-year stint in Westminster, she has lived in Niwot most of her life.

While neither Dawn nor Jeff thought honey was in their future, Dawn said, “We’ve always liked bugs.” So it was a natural extension for them.

“This is our third time harvesting honey,” Dawn said. “This year we’re going to do two harvests.“ In the past they only did one, because it is a bit of a production. They just finished their first harvest at the end of July and they’ll do another one at the end of August.

Colorado’s harvesting season is fairly short. “You can really only get honey from June to August,” Dawn said.

“That’s when the nectar is flowing and the bees can harvest it.” Jeff added.

Above all, Dawn, who is a member of the Boulder County Beekeepers Association, appreciates all the Niwot residents who plant bee-friendly flowers, who don’t use pesticides and who make a conscious effort to be good pollinators. “Honey that you buy locally has a flavor as opposed to what you buy in the grocery store,” she said.

A sweet deal all around.

Meadow Lake Honey is located at 7922 Meadow Lake Road, Niwot. For more information call 303-305-8988 or email Meadowlakehoney@hotmail.com


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