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Picture provided by Bill Hathaway-Clark Lawn-mowing goats that escaped from their enclosure in the vicinity of 71st & Lookout St in Gunbarrel were rounded up and returned home by neighbors.

Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to the Courier’s intern reporter Harry Hildebrandt, who reported on the 2018 Great Goat Escape.

Hello Harry,

The goats that escaped in the Lookout Road and North 71st Street area on June 21st had been rented by us for their field mowing capabilities. Having them escape as a gang of five (two adults and three wee ones) and make their way up to Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church parking lot was a rather traumatic and anxious incident for me, not to mention dangerous to the goats and traffic. Can you imagine having someone walk up your driveway and ask if I knew the goats had escaped and ventured all the way up to the Lutheran church (presumably to pray for better food or forgiveness). My heart jumped!

Indeed, Jay Nichols of the U.S. Postal Service and our local mailman led the effort to capture the four-legged escapees and helped save the day. He deserves major kudos and tons of positive acknowledgement! But it was also the efforts of folks in the area who pitched in to help control and capture the runaways. My considerable trepidation about this “Great Escape” was quickly eliminated by the good neighbors who came to the rescue. At least a half dozen folks helped corral and capture the goats, and for that I am very grateful and tickled with joy to be a part of this community.

The goats are long gone, but this entire event will never be forgotten. I’ve already had great fun telling the entire story to friends and thus generating lots of laughter! The bottom line – we are blessed with such wonderful and considerate folks in these parts!


Bruce Green



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