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By Vicky Dorvee

Niwot Cemetery Board garners a response to request for new members


February 2, 2018

Photo by Vicky Dorvee JoAnn Bell and Nancy Hindman, the remaining two members of the board of directors of the Niwot Cemetery, are happy to report new members have stepped up to join The Rotary Club of Niwot the board.

News late last year of the Niwot Cemetery board seeking additional members, as reported in the Courier, led eight potential new members to attend an informational meeting on Jan. 17, according to JoAnn Bell, who is one the remaining two members on the cemetery board.

“There can’t be too many new members” Bell said, “We had a very good response to the newspaper articles. And once they have their feet on the ground, I have a sense that they will sign up.”

The two surviving board members, Bell and Nancy Hindman, joined over a quarter of a century ago. Now in their mid-eighties, they want to enlist new involvement. “It’s time” Bell said.

Although no more plots are available for purchase, there’s still work to be done – there are grounds maintenance tasks that needs supervising and the organizing of days when flags are placed at grave sites. There are also sold, but unoccupied plots to be measured out when the owner passes, and there are precious records to be preserved and protected. “The books are like our bible” Bell said.

Bell and Hindman hosted a meeting at The Old Oak Coffeehouse which was attended by eight participants who had reached out to them after reading about the board’s need for new members.

“We had such a good meeting” Bell said, “and everyone seemed enthusiastic and interested. We told them what our duties and obligations are as board members and when we have more to discuss, we will do that. It’s always good to have several people available, just in case one person is out of town when someone dies.”

The next step is to meet the group at the cemetery to give them more information, and for them to get a feel for the history of the 140+ year-old burial grounds. Bell said that event will be planned for when the weather warms up.

Of the people who stepped up to participate, there were two with family members buried at the cemetery. “Although they don’t know exactly where their graves are” Bell said.

Most of the attendees at the meeting were from Niwot, but there were others from the surrounding area. “Eventually we will have another meeting and will elect officers,” Bell said. For now, Bell and Hindman will continue to stay on the board to direct the operations.

Although there are 15-20 empty plots awaiting occupants, not all of them will be used in the future. Some families may not be aware that the space was purchased or may bury their relatives elsewhere. Still, the cemetery will always need caretakers to look after it. “It’s good that the responsibility doesn’t fall on a very small group” Bell said.


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