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To the Editor:

This is to thank the many people who came to my aid on the 4th of July.

I was the guy run over by the electric shuttle vehicle just north of Niwot Market as the kids were decorating bikes and wagons before the parade. Several strong men responded immediately to lift the vehicle off me and help me out. Thanks to them.

The medical crew from Mountain View Fire Rescue were on the scene right away and gave me excellent care, as well as reassuring my wife, Laura, and our family. Thanks to them.

An unnamed angel lady swooped in to take granddaughter Maddie out of harm’s way and then return her safely to her mother, our daughter Clare. Thanks to her.

Another angel, Abby, sat with and soothed Clare, who is almost eight months pregnant and had watched it all unfold, and initially thought Maddie had been hit. Thanks to her.

Then a couple of Boy Scouts tried to fix the broken wagon that Maddie was going to ride in the parade. Thanks to them.

The circumstance was unfortunate, but the kindness of so many members of a caring and generous Niwot community was quite wonderful.

David Skaggs



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