Market Day at Boulder Country Day School


Every year, BCD third graders complete a social studies unit known as Market Day. This project-based learning unit is a mock exercise on: “How can I sustain a profitable business and benefit the community?”

Students learn the difference between goods and services, decide on a handmade product to sell, prepare and present business plans and solicit feedback. They pay “desk rent,” file for business licenses, pay for advertising, create posters, and even get real world challenges such as a flood scenario, to which they must answer how their business will be affected and how they will problem-solve.

Students keep reflective journals to track modifications to their plans leading up to Market Day when they open their “store” and sell to teachers and schoolmates using pretend currency. There is a second Market Day a week later so students have the opportunity to increase or decrease prices based on demand.

They raised the money to buy their raw goods by doing chores around the house and in giving back to their community. This year’s third graders voted on the Longmont Humane Society as their charity.

Students donated $10 each in their class currency and asked their parents to match their donations (some were given more chores at home to earn the money). Their donation amounted to over $300.


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