By Jen Rodehaver 

Left Hand Laurel: Team Hammel


Courtesy Photo Mom and daughter at PRIDE parade in Denver.

Yvonne and Tegan Hammell share much in addition to being mother and daughter. They share custody of their elderly dog Evie, activities such as bowling league, and a commitment to volunteer work in their community.   

Yvonne started as a donor to Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP) having been connected to the agency through friends and because there have been so many people throughout her life affected by HIV/ AIDS.  At the urging of her daughter, she began to spend time volunteering, and now has a regular route shopping for the BCAP pantry at Community Food Share.  

Yvonne appreciates the support she receives from her employer, Elevations Credit Union, which offers employees time to volunteer with community organizations.

Vivacious and warm, Yvonne admits to a surprising secret vice - enjoying horror films.

Sarah Annecone, Volunteer Coordinator for Boulder County AIDS Project, said, “BCAP is fortunate to have Yvonne involved with us. She is passionate about everything she does with BCAP, whether it is to benefit people living with HIV or to help prevent further transmission in BCAP’s four-county service area of Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek and Broomfield.“

What Yvonne loves about BCAP is the diversity, the nonjudgmental atmosphere and the chance to spend more time with her daughter.

Tegan, now a college student, started in high school with a peer education program creating awareness around sexual health. Through Boulder Valley Women’s Health and Boulder County Aids Project, she became aware of the stigma around HIV and the misconceptions regarding gender and personal health issues.  

She strongly believes in prevention and is considering pursuing a career in a related medical field. Tegan works and attends classes but still finds time to volunteer at fundraisers and special events such as the Boulder Creek Festival and the annual PRIDE parade.  

Mom and daughter get a kick out of these events and enjoy the chance to be together in a purposeful way. “We help each other to be better people,” remarked Tegan.  She claims many people use lack of time as an excuse for not volunteering for a favorite cause. For Tegan, the time she spends on top of her already demanding schedule is what keeps her grounded and feeling connected to her family and her community.

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Providing support, advocacy and education to those in our community who are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS and preventing the further transmission of HIV.


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