Where the dinosaurs roamed

The Niwot Historical Society (NHS) once again outdid itself with a well attended and interesting talk about local and area dinosaur fossil finds. Over 100 kids of all ages heard Dr. Joe Sertich, curator of dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMHS), explain how and why this area, and all the Front Range of Colorado, is an especially good hunting ground for newly identified dinosaurs. Those dinosaurs familiar to all of us, such as the T Rex which was superimposed on the area map, were roaming the range during the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago. Kathy Koehler, president of NHS, and Mary Stewart, longtime volunteer at DMNS, introduced Sertich. In response to any children or adults who may be worried there are not enough fossils for them to discover in the future, Sertich said that 40 to 50 new dinosaurs are found each year, with many more waiting to be found. Like the Torosaurus discovered in Thornton in 2017, a jawbone piece was on hand to examine, the bulk of that fossilized skeleton and many others are still being worked on at the museum. There are 12 new species of dinosaurs not yet described at DMNS. Although there are 120 dedicated volunteers like Mary Stewart, who fulfilled a childhood dream by working mostly with these finds, the museum is always on the lookout for more volunteers.