Gunbarrel’s restaurant scene has been in a bit of an anticipatory flux for the good part of this year. Things are at a tipping point and here’s an update on four previously reported culinary happenings in the area.

Rush Bowls – up and running

Newly opened this past July, Mark Kranjcec, marketing director of Rush Bowls, reports that the blended bowl and smoothie restaurant is already feeling well-supported by the community and is doing as well as locations in larger metropolitan areas.

Serving bowls filled with all-natural, blended fruits and vegetables, topped with crispy and crunchy additions is the cornerstone of their offerings. While normally thought of as filling and refreshing because they’re chilled, the company is developing a warm version of a bowl, but the details are still under wraps.

Kranjcec also said plans are to continue the evolution of focusing on the health benefits of their options and extend their “rejuvenating products” with more supplements, such as antioxidants.

Kranjcec said he’s preparing a press release announcing that Rush Bowl franchises are heading over the border for the first time. Ten Canadian stores are in the works. Since the Courier last reported, the company has opened the doors of new sites in Florida, Texas and California.

Administrative offices and a test kitchen share the new space of the Gunbarrel location. Staff is growing primarily in the training and marketing departments in order to keep pace with the growing number of locations.

“What’s really cool,” Kranjcec said, “is that it all started as one store in Boulder and now it has such a great reach with new stores opening.”

The Thrill of Rush Bowls comes to Gunbarrel

Rush Bowls’ Peanut Butter and Jelly bowl features freshly ground peanuts and homemade jelly.

Rush Bowls in Gunbarrel is located at 5400 Spine Road, at the corner of Spine Road and Lookout Road. Visit their website for additional information.

Lookout Café and Cocktails – expected to open in October

Mike Boselli, owner of the new establishment, announced that what was originally going to be a second location for Bittersweet/Por and co-owned with partners, will now be his own business called Lookout Café and Cocktails. The concept of the restaurant, with breakfast served in the mornings, lunch midday, and then adult beverages and tapas taking over the evening fare, remains the same.

Expectations are that the restaurant will be swinging open its doors within two to three weeks. Boselli said the menu is being finalized as are vendors, employees, and a new logo.

Boselli is aiming to create the sense of a solid community establishment, he said. Serving coffee with breakfast burritos, bagel sandwiches and baked goods will rule the morning fare. Sandwiches, soups, and salads will be served for lunch.

Wait staff will change their uniforms and the transition to the evening ambiance will take place at 4 p.m. each day. Twelve wines will be on tap along with beer, hard cider, and sangrias. A specialty martini list is in the works and a variety of small plates will be available to accompany drinks.

The restaurant is located at 5385 Gunbarrel Center Court, the corner of Lookout Rd and Gunbarrel Center Court. Visit Lookout Cafe and Cocktail  for more information.

The Morning Table – just a few more finishing touches

Only a couple of weeks to go and The Morning Table crew will be serving the community. Owners Vinny and Celene Andreano, alongside their four children, have been revamping the space formerly occupied by Gurkhas Restaurant, which has moved to south Longmont.

The Morning Table fuses family and food

The Andreanos will be opening a family run business in Gunbarrel called The Morning Table, serving healthy local food, every day of the week.

With an emphasis on sustainability and keeping their carbon footprint small, the breakfast and brunch-focused restaurant be open every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Salads and sandwiches are also on the menu. The restaurant features a large back-of-the room bar, serving a variety of local beers and unique cocktails.

The Andreanos announced their head chef, Chase Connolly, is now on board.

“Chase is an award-winning chef with over 12 years of culinary experience,” Celene said.” He has an extensive background in a variety of cuisines. He has a passion for excellence that is displayed in his creative presentations and outstanding food quality and he is a level one Sommelier.”

Their new chef’s expertise led the family to expand their hours and concept for what they are calling “Master Cooking Classes.” The monthly event is described as a four-to-six course meal, prepared by the kitchen staff in front of the participants and then shared amongst no more than 16 lucky guests who will sit at the actual “morning table,” a locally designed and created table realistically depicting a portion of the Boulder Creek. Each course will be paired with either wine or beer to round out the special experience.

The impetus for the Andreano’s new business was due to how much they cherish their time together, cooking and sitting around the table eating. So although it sounds like an oxymoron, there’s some serious discussion about Sunday nights being family nights at The Morning Table.

The restaurant is located at 6565 Gunpark Rd, Suite 190, in Gunbarrel. For more information, visit their website.

Raglin Market – poised to open in November

Kevin Hartmann, general manager of Raglin Market, is estimating the new eatery will open in the beginning of November. The restaurant will be the second establishment for Matthew Jansen, owner of Mateo, which has been a longtime favorite brasserie on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Raglin Market to debut in Gunbarrel

Raglin Market, a fast and casual eatery at the corner of Gunbarrel Center Court and Lookout Road will be opening later this fall.


Both Hartmann and Matthew have extensive experience as chefs and intend to feature seasonally-based, locally-sourced ingredients on the lunch and dinner menus.

Exclusively designed for Raglin Market, a selection of world-class wines from Italian vintner Giorgio Rivetti will be offered on tap, along with distinctive made-in-house pre-mixed cocktails.

Hartmann said they will be offering speedy service for business lunches and take-out dishes, with the ability to order online coming soon. Customers will order at a counter, but servers will be checking on tables for any extras customers might need.

The restaurant is located at 5378 Gunbarrel Center Court, Gunbarrel, the corner of Lookout Road and Gunbarrel Center Court. Visit for more information.